Yikes...what if they read this

Had a great visit with my oldest and dearest friend the other night. I mentioned I was writing this blog and was in the final stages of developing a product to sell to the world. Of course she was interested and asked where the blog was so she could give it a read. As I told her, "it's Campbell Scoup, yeah, like soup but with a c" I got a slight feeling of panic. Oh man, is there something I've written that will upset her? And if not yet, will I in the future? Will I be able to write honestly and candidly with the knowledge someone I know and care about is reading what I write? So far the only person reading this blog that knows who I am is my son and while he's very helpful in pointing out grammatical errors and possible misuses of words nothing I've written or will write in the future will hurt his feelings or come as a shock to him and if it does, we'll just discuss it. No big deal.
So I mentioned this concern to my friend and told her if she disagreed with something I'd said that I hoped she would comment. That I hoped anyone with an opinion would.

One can hardly espouse parenting without ego and not do the same with blogging...right?


decision .... daycare, not!

 I had a surprise visit today from friends who brought their beautiful new baby for a visit. I'm mentioning this because they told me something I hadn't heard in a while, if ever. They told me that it's important to them to not put their child in daycare. Huh?!?!?!


What's in a name....oh just EVERYTHING!!!

Another road block. No big deal, that only makes like 6 big walls in the way of my idea. See, I need a name. A name that would make for a strong trademark. Had a bit of fun brainstorming, and I use that term loosely, with my son son Vincent. There was no pile of crushed paper coffee cups, crumpled up pieces of paper spilling out of the garbage, pencils worn down to the eraser from endless scribbling. Nope, none of that just me and the boy making fun of each other's ideas, trying to steal stuff off the internet and having a few laughs. There was no plethora of ideas, never mind a panoply, but it was just one of those moments of serendipity that I wouldn't trade that for anything. Not even for onomatopoeia.


I hate to impose, but...

Played with the address again. That's likely common. So for now, Campbell Scoup will do the trick.

For years now I've trained myself to keep my ideas and thoughts on many things, most importantly parenting, to myself unless specifically asked for them. I'm not talking about things like racism or injustices of any kind. In situations like that I allow my strong sense of fairness to take over and I will speak up, albeit toned down to some degree with an effort to be tactful and attempt to educate rather than be outright contemptuous.

It's not that I don't think that I have nothing to offer in the way of ideas. I do! The problem is the trouble I've gotten myself into trying to share them. In fact, if you were to ask the lucky recipients with whom I've shared my ideas with in the past they'd be more apt to use the word "imposed" than shared. This is never more likely than with the topic of parenting so that's what I shall start out of the gate with in this blog. If you're starting to feel imposed upon, I suggest you stop reading.


whoa ... lots to absorb

Having trouble finding myself. Online, that is. Played with address and added an "eh". Now THAT'S Canadian!

Now off to watch curling. Seriously..

I just couldn't wait

Okay so I'm a total novice. I don't know exactly what I'm doing, but I know way more than I did 3 weeks ago. And this is all a very slow process, too slow for me. Part of my desire to create my own business is to have control of the pace, reap the rewards of my passion and efforts. Fortunately I do have a patient nature so as long as I'm able to do something, any little thing, to make progress, I stay excited.

Actually, it's a weird thing to be excited about something that you can't really talk about...yet. In a way it may be more fun than the alternative, alternative being telling everyone. Putting myself out there, my idea out there, for all to either say "yay!" or "huh?!?!?!". Mmhm scary.

Back to this blog. Although for now being vague is a must (I think) it's at least a start. I need time to figure out web hosts, SEO's, domains, drop shipping, shopping carts, e commerce. I need time to determine who is and who isn't a shyster, how long it should take to design and create a decent website, learn about patents, packaging, and the list goes on. So, since I just couldn't wait, here I am.

For now, just the thoughts, with the ideas dying to get out!