Yikes...what if they read this

Had a great visit with my oldest and dearest friend the other night. I mentioned I was writing this blog and was in the final stages of developing a product to sell to the world. Of course she was interested and asked where the blog was so she could give it a read. As I told her, "it's Campbell Scoup, yeah, like soup but with a c" I got a slight feeling of panic. Oh man, is there something I've written that will upset her? And if not yet, will I in the future? Will I be able to write honestly and candidly with the knowledge someone I know and care about is reading what I write? So far the only person reading this blog that knows who I am is my son and while he's very helpful in pointing out grammatical errors and possible misuses of words nothing I've written or will write in the future will hurt his feelings or come as a shock to him and if it does, we'll just discuss it. No big deal.
So I mentioned this concern to my friend and told her if she disagreed with something I'd said that I hoped she would comment. That I hoped anyone with an opinion would.

One can hardly espouse parenting without ego and not do the same with blogging...right?


  1. What a great blog entry! I know that feeling of like, "wow, people I know are reading my blog" and it's almost a little scary! It's great how you acknowledge that here.

  2. Thanks Melody. It's funny because I just read a post on bloggeries about the poster being scared to link to Facebook and I had already written this post. It is all a little scary.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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