What's in a name....oh just EVERYTHING!!!

Another road block. No big deal, that only makes like 6 big walls in the way of my idea. See, I need a name. A name that would make for a strong trademark. Had a bit of fun brainstorming, and I use that term loosely, with my son ahem...my son Vincent. There was no pile of crushed paper coffee cups, crumpled up pieces of paper spilling out of the garbage, pencils worn down to the eraser from endless scribbling. Nope, none of that just me and the boy making fun of each other's ideas, trying to steal stuff off the internet and having a few laughs. There was no plethora of ideas, never mind a panoply, but it was just one of those moments of serendipity that I wouldn't trade that for anything. Not even for onomatopoeia.

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