I just couldn't wait

Okay so I'm a total novice. I don't know exactly what I'm doing, but I know way more than I did 3 weeks ago. And this is all a very slow process, too slow for me. Part of my desire to create my own business is to have control of the pace, reap the rewards of my passion and efforts. Fortunately I do have a patient nature so as long as I'm able to do something, any little thing, to make progress, I stay excited.

Actually, it's a weird thing to be excited about something that you can't really talk about...yet. In a way it may be more fun than the alternative, alternative being telling everyone. Putting myself out there, my idea out there, for all to either say "yay!" or "huh?!?!?!". Mmhm scary.

Back to this blog. Although for now being vague is a must (I think) it's at least a start. I need time to figure out web hosts, SEO's, domains, drop shipping, shopping carts, e commerce. I need time to determine who is and who isn't a shyster, how long it should take to design and create a decent website, learn about patents, packaging, and the list goes on. So, since I just couldn't wait, here I am.

For now, just the thoughts, with the ideas dying to get out!

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