What to do if you wake up with out a hangover

It's 2011. At first it sounded funny but now it's just rolling off my tongue, like nuthin. It's seems it always goes like that, kind of like with age. With age I start preparing well ahead of time, practicing the new number a few months before the looming birthday so that when it comes it feels just right, no shock 'n surprise.

I'm enjoying this new year morning. I do not have a hangover, and it rocks! Had a nice evening with my husband, chowed down on the biggest lobster tails I've ever had in my life. In fact, I have a small piece left over to treat myself to today. Mmmmm. It was fun to watch Mr Campbell enjoy the hell out of the food I whipped up, for sure more enjoyable to him than my Martha Stewart turkey I romanced. Turkey is good, but crustaceans are the way to that man's heart.

I think about past New Years Eves, usually only the prior year's and one from what seems like a million years ago. If I were to guesstimate, it was likely about 30 years ago! I think it may have been one of the first times I didn't "have to" babysit on New Years. The memory is of friends from that time, waiting for cabs, and watching a particular friend from Montreal freeze his fashion conscious ass off while doing so. Hey, we warned him! By the time this guy moved back to Montreal he was sporting moon boots and down filled parkas. The cold will eventually win over vanity every time.

Maybe temps of minus 30's with windchills have got something to do with me being thankful. Perhaps those of us who experience hellish cold are just happy to be alive. Our furnace groaned and stopped working last night only to be fixed within a few hours for under $200. Now THAT'S a happy new year's eve! Ahh there, it just kicked in again : D

I don't make new year's resolutions. I have in the past, only to fail. I do much better when I resolve to do something in the moment. Unless of course it's a hangover. I don't know how many times I've resolved to "never drink again" only to forget in the moment, when "perhaps there's time for just one more". Always seems like a perfectly logical thing to do at the time...but then again, after a couple of drinks, everything I think of to do seems perfectly logical at the time.

For those who have stumbled here who do have a hangover and are looking for a cure, a few things I've done in the past that help or I've seen help others.

A can of cola. I have a friend who must have this, and I've felt the need myself to down great amounts of Coke or Pepsi.

Milk. I know for some the very thought will make them hurl but for me, it's always a saviour. I love milk! It's my preferred beverage with anything. From salt and vinegar chips to pizza and homemade chicken noodle soup.

Chicken noodle soup! With tons of black pepper. What a bonus if I happen to have some of my mom's homemade chicken soup on hand when I have a hangover! Lace it with extra pepper, pour a big glass of cold milk, chow down, grab an Advil, then go back to bed. Doze off and on watching a The Real Housewives of somewhere marathon, and all will be well by afternoon early evening.

Some swear by something greasy, like a big juicy hamburger or fried bacon and eggs. I've done this too, but for sure would do soup if there was a choice.

Are you a little hungover? What are YOU gonna do about it?


  1. Um, I'm unable to comment because all I want are those shrimp. Then when I eat them, I want a cute server to come by and plop more shrimp on the rim and wink at me.

    What is that divine thing you have in the creuset? Bisque? French onion soup? I'm about to post my carrot soup. It was pretty cool.

  2. PS: I'm not hung over but I swear by the greasy hamburger. Also, cola is spot on. Has been recognized in kids' hospitals for its power to settle the stomach.

  3. Lol O Solo Mama ... I was missing a cute server for sure.

    Mais oui, c'est french onion soup.

  4. Campbell - back when I got hang-overs I craved chinese food, nothing else I never get hang-overs, I just don't consume alcoholic holds no appeal.

    I haven't been awake at midnight on New Years Eve for so many years I cannot even remember the last one...not even the turn of the century kept me up.

  5. See, Chinese food I could not do with a hangover.

    I wasn't awake at midnight this year either lol. I called my mom and son before I dragged my butt to bed at 11 or so to wish them happy new year.


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