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 I quite often read something on a blog and think love that! Or yes! Or chuckle out loud. Then I have to decide whether to bother commenting just to say, "love that", and then I forget where I read it after, so I've decided to start collecting little gems. Sometimes great things get lost in the shuffle of a great discussion.

If you see something below you've written and care to claim it and/or expand upon it, please do.

If you see something you like, let the author know why.

"The notion that "not talking about it" means a person has not thought about it or experience difficulty, or that their silence means that there is no different experience or difficulty for anyone, is absurd"

"It is not fair what happened to us. It is not our fault! But we are the ones left wallowing in the shit, and we are the only ones with the power to change it now."

"We have reached the point in our society where we no longer allow anyone a difference of opinion for fear that ours will be wrong."

"I do not have to agree with everything someone says or believes to know when they have a good point."

"I am absolutely a "bad" adoptee. Angry, bitter, ungrateful, totally anti adoption, but I don't think that all adoptees have to be like that and I have plenty of adoptee friend who are not like that and who accept me as I am." ~ Unfortunately the person who said this didn't actually mean it and I thought about changing my mind about using it on this post but hey, it would have been a cool thing to say! It's also a good example of how full of shit people can be.

"My hope is that adoption decisions are made based on facts and arguments and not on lobbying activities of subsets of the interest groups. And I go back to lobbying."

"That thoughts of ‘my place’ in my sons life came second to his needs, and they always will. That’s what you do when you love someone, suddenly, it doesn’t matter that you are not the one meeting that persons needs, all that matters is that they are met."

"Classy...another "C" word"

"I don't think any adoptee should have to feel guilty or wrong regardless of what their stance is on being adopted."

 "It is hard for people not to accept your perspective as valid when you are the one living it--and they, are not."


  1. I'll gladly claim the first one as mine hehehehe :-D

  2. So its not okay to disagree with someone now?

  3. Pretty ballsy of you to comment here Jay after what you said.

    I don't understand your question.

  4. I absoloutly meant what I said. You are just not one of the adoptees I count as one of my friends that is all.

  5. Well, I should hope not Jay because I don't have a fucking clue who you are or why you felt the need to trash me elsewhere.

    Let's call it even.


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