Thumbs down on responsible adoption

Damn....I made the following comment on a news story regarding federal agencies calling on provinces to suspend adoptions from Nepal because a report from the Hague Conference on Private International Law raised concerns about fraudulent adoption and child trafficking. And...I got a "thumbs down" ...*sniff*, *sniff*.

I truly believe this but the problem is the adopter can't know for sure. If there's any doubt the federal government should do exactly what it's doing which is to suspend all adoptions. Corruption in adoption is a serious issue worldwide and if OUR government is actually doing the right thing, something which is in the best interest of children, c'mon! We should not only support it but also applaud it.

The purpose of the Hague Conference is to do just exactly what it's doing, identify fraudulent adoptions and child trafficking. What is the point if provinces ignore requests to suspend adoption from suspect countries??

Please, if you're seriously concerned about the children than do not push to adopt from Nepal. Be responsible in adopting children anywhere. Be absolutely certain there is a need for the child to be adopted and that you're prepared to be an adoptive parent meaning; you know how to care for institutionalized children, you understand the affects of FASD, you've considered children you already have in your care and their well-being, you've honestly examined your reasons for adopting, you're aware of the abandonment issues some adopted persons ultimately have, you've obtained as much biological history as possible to share with your child and intend to be open and honest with them regarding their adoption and plan to support their possible desire to search and/or reunite, you're prepared to honour open adoption agreements, that you are committed to parenting this child forever, no matter what.

It really is something we should all care about.

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  1. I thought is was a great comment. WHy did you get a thumbs down?

  2. Haha who knows Shannan.

    Maybe it was one of the adopting parents who's adoption is suspended at the moment.

  3. I think it is a good comment too. I think adoptions should be suspended anytime there is a question of corruption, child trafficking, etc. I also think Russia should suspend adoptions in the wake of the Artyom Hansen case.

    I agree PAPs need to consider if they are able to care for post-institutionalized children. However, having said that, I'm not sure if you can ever really prepare for it any more than you can prepare for having a baby who may have special needs (or any baby really). You can educate yourself - hope for the best, prepare for the worst. But you don't really know what it will be like until you bring the child home. I think some PAPs are just in such a hurry to adopt and will say anything to get approved. Russia does require 2 visits - one to meet the child and one to go back and adopt. This gives the PAPs time to think about the decision and to get video of the child to have reviewed by a doctor - and yet we still have the case of Artyom and other Russian children.

    I don't know anything about adoption from Nepal but the minute there is something questionable, adoptions should be suspended - perhaps indefinitely.

    I think some people just think about the chldren living in an orphanage and aren't thinking about the reasons the child ended up there in the first place. (I have been guilty of this).

  4. Thumbs down can be good when it shows you got to them.
    Like my old gran used to say, every little helps.
    So thumbs up to you :- )

    Dame Wiggins.


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