Roxanne's Law

OTTAWA - A Conservative MP wants to make it a crime to threaten or intimidate a woman into having an abortion.

Winnipeg MP Rod Bruinooge says his bill, "Roxanne's Law," is necessary to communicate to the public that coercing or attempting to coerce a female to have an abortion is unacceptable.

Bruinooge became interested in the issue after hearing about Roxanne Fernando, a young woman who was murdered by a friend of her partner after refusing to have an abortion in 2007.

Bruinooge said his bill does not re-open the abortion debate and abortions will still be legal.

The following is a message I sent to this MP.

I'm curious if it's too late to add to or amend this bill and if it is, would it not be worth proposing a similar law regarding coercing women into giving their child up for adoption, or perhaps even go as far as to make it illegal to pressure or coerce a women into keeping and raising an unwanted child. I believe all three scenarios exist and can have life long or, in Roxanne's case, life threatening consequences for all parties involved.

I guess it should be illegal to pressure a woman to do anything regarding her pregnancy, period.

Hmmm... I now don't know what to think of this idea. It's been presented by a pro-lifer.

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