Tomorrow, tomorrow

So I'm strolling through blogland this morning, sipping my coffee, and another post got me thinking. Thinking about something I've meant to post on before, but forgot. No, really, I forgot. Really, REALLY.

It's not so much that I forget, although it's happened. It's that I procrastinate. All. The. Time.

I procrastinate paying bills. Always have. When I was a young'n, it was a combination of lack of funds (due to going out dancing) and procrastination, but now, most of the time, it's just putting it off. I'll do it later. K, I'll do it tomorrow. Ah I should pay those bills today. Tomorrow. And, so it goes....

I wonder why I do this. I always feel a great sense of relief when I get something done. I know when I'm not getting something done that needs doing, it weighs on me.  I know that the weight will be lifted once I take care of business.

I do it with work too. At work, like with bills, there are clear deadlines. I never miss a work deadline due to my own actions or inaction, but sometimes let it come down to the wire. I am VERY good under pressure.

Parties and entertaining I procrastinate EVERY time. I am always initially pumped to put on a party or host family events at my home, and I'm pretty good at it, but man am I busy at the last minute. All the planning and brainstorming gets done immediately, lists are made to buy this, clean that, make those, and then... nothing. I wait. I can do that tomorrow, oh and that, and that won't take me long, I'll do that later.

Then it starts to build up.

Oh man, I do not want to go in to the laundry room. Those towels have to be soaking wet from that dripping tap I haven't gotten fixed yet. I have to get that fixed! But those towels, oh they're probably gross from being wet. I can't do it without gloves. Tomorrow I'll get gloves for sure and get that done. I can't get anyone to come in and fix the leak with the way that room is, man this water bill is high. I'll wait until pay day next week to pay it since it's not due for two more days.

I remember talking to my son when he was younger about how we sometimes pretend that we forgot to do something and deliberately say, oh I forgot, when we know full well we didn't. I don't know how many times in my life I've said, I'll just tell them I forgot. It was cool because with my boy I could ask him which it was, did you really forget or just choose to not and say you forgot.

Oh crap. What time is it? If I don't get in the shower right now, I'm going to be late for work. Well, maybe I can have a quick shower and not wash my hair. I can do that later, or tomorrow.

Hey! Maybe then I have time for one more cup of coffee....


  1. I am glad I am not the only one that does that. Sometimes, I waste my whole day and then an hour before work, I am trying to do the things that I meant to do. And with bill paying, sometimes if I am short on money for bills but could be paying something, I just don't because I can't decide which bill I should worry the most about.

  2. At least there's two of us birthmothertalks lol

    Well, three if you count the blogger who "reminded" me to write this post ; )

  3. Me too and the funny thing is I never used to be a procratinator. Now I am always putting things off to deal with them "later". I am sure some psychologist could come up with a reason for why this is so!
    The worst part is I used to be so organized and "together". Now not so much - I feel like others are much better at managing their time. Glad to know it is not just me!!

  4. I 'meant' to respond yesterday, seriously. I have always been a procrastinator. Nurture did not win over Nature in this battle.

  5. Always procrastinated and worried about the things I should be doing instead of doing them and getting it over, and yes, feel relieved when the task is finally done.

    This would catch up on me in school when I would put off doing homework so long it sometimes did not get done. I am very disorganized too, maybe that is part of it. No answers but I really can sympathize. Bills....we have enough money to pay them, but years ago it was tight, and I still do not open them when they come in, just put them in the To Pay pile and like Scarlett, will worry about them "tomorrow":-)

  6. So, maybe that great feeling of "yesss! it's done I can stop thinking about that for now" is part of the cycle.

    It was VERY bad for me in school.

  7. OMG its like i wrote that. scary


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