If the shoe fits

A few words to address a post I wrote last night.

I somehow managed to completely fail at what I was trying to say. I talk about the importance of how a message is presented and I go and eff up my own.

I think my mistake was writing in reaction as opposed to just writing.

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  1. Thank you for owning it. I agree that what was hurtful was the tone in which things were phrased.

    One thing I struggle with is being very privileged. I get annoyed by all kinds of things that I think are idiotic and make no sense to me upper-middle-class White woman I am. But to impose my beliefs and experiences on others gets dialogue and change nowhere. It was something I had to learn, and I still struggle with it. Especially at work, where women living in poverty come to have babies. Many of the RNs I work with are judgmental about how and why these women are having kids; I may want to change the system, but I also have to have empathy for people who are screwed by the system. It's not easy, and I fail sometimes, but I have to try.

    Good on you.


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