Your mother wears army boots

Campbell's soup, makes you poop
Down your leg and in your boot,
On the floor, out the door,
Now we're ready for some more!

We gooooooooo to pizza place
To get the flavor...of
Campbell's face

I was (unpleasantly) reminded of childish, elementary school taunts and name calling this morning. These were a couple of mine. Although they mean nothing to me now and haven't for years, it was interesting to have a fleeting moment where I was reminded of what it felt like to be in grade school.

What childhood taunts and name calling did you have to endure?


  1. I was called uncoordinated in elementary school. I was one of the last picked for sports teams. In high school I was teased for being a Mormon, because I did not drink or use the f-word in conversation. In college (BYU) I was teased for being studious and going to bed too early. As a young mother I was teased for breastfeeding toddlers. Sigh. I just don't care anymore what people think.

  2. I used to be teased a fair bit when I was young, mostly for being skinny and shy, but also because of my father's profession which somehow made me 'different'.
    But what I feel now about the 'Bobs' of this world is that by any other name they'd stink as high. I also know that good people eventually get wise to them and stop taking notice.

  3. I too was very shy and skinny. I was bullied to the nth degree because of it. Not just name calling but hitting. What's funny (in an odd sad way) is that my skinny then is the norm and popular now. In any case I didn't want to let my Mom know because I was afraid it would get worse if adults were brought into the mix. So I tried settling and resolving it myself. The girl who initiated it all, at one point, had the whole class against me. She fed them with lies. Sometimes I witness these same things as an adult. From work to adoption blogs. Cyber-bullying. I guess that is what it's called? While my skin is thicker these days, you would think that as adults we could move past such immaturity. Thanks for letting me post this Campbell. This is my first posted response and I also want to add your blog is often a light at the end of a tunnel when it comes to adoption education and reform.

  4. Thank you for commenting anonymous#2, I'm glad you decided to submit your first response. Hope you comment again.

    Anon#1, I wonder what your father's profession was that it made you feel different.

    Skinny/thin people get bugged or teased too and people never think about it being mean or upsetting as we've been programmed to think it's better, best. I learned that it's hurtful first hand for teasing a team mate once, whom I actually thought was just beautiful. She explained to me that it can be no different than teasing someone for being heavy, something I would never dream of doing. I may write about this sometime. Weight and women, some men too, is a topic worth discussing, I think anyway.

    Although I did my fair share of nasty things as a young girl (I was a jock and infiltrated the cheerleader squad by trying out for a joke, to make fun, not nice) but one thing I'm proud of is crushing the last kid picked for sports scenario, Megan. For whatever reason I always HATED the captain team picking, seeing the cruelty in it. I was quite often appointed captain (being the jock) and would always pick the resident "last kid" before they ended up last. I really disapprove of that system and think it should be abolished. May write about this too.

  5. Gee Campbell, I wish I'd had gym class with you. On the skinny thing, in high school and college, girls would say to me, "You make me sick, you're so thin." Or "That's disgusting how that dress fits you." Those were supposed to be compliments, they said. I was not abnormally skinny either, just a normal, healthy weight.

    I appreciate the comment about cyber-bullying from Anon. Unfortunately, I've seen that on a couple of very popular adoption blogs.


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