It never has and never will

Been a little laid up lately and found myself caught up in the murder trial of Casey Anthony.

Wow. Just wow.

Between the media coverage, media of all kinds, it's quite a spectacle. There is live coverage of the trial itself, nonstop coverage and discussion on television, Facebook, and Twitter etc. I haven't noticed really anything about it in adoption blogland but then why would there be, far as I can tell adoption isn't part of the whole sad, sordid story.

The jury was sent to deliberate yesterday and it's my feeling they won't take too terribly long to come to a verdict. What a horrible responsibility they have. Necessary obviously, but still horrible. The prosecution has gone for the death penalty and the pressure alone that that puts on everyday people who make up a jury is part of the reason I am against capital punishment.

Fortunately the jury has options other than the death penalty because Casey Anthony is clearly guilty of plenty and is no doubt involved somehow in the death of her little girl. One can only hope all the people Ms Anthony has taken down with her deserve it, but that's unlikely.

So many innocent people are affected by people like Casey Anthony every day, all the time. Not everyone who has a personality disorder like hers end up involved in the murder of their children but they do wreak havoc on the rest of us in some shape or form.

People who only think of themselves and build themselves up by bringing others down are all around us, and yes, they become parents all the time. Wouldn't it be nice if conception and giving birth could magically transform everyone into caring, responsible, selfless human beings who put their children's needs before their own?

Sadly, it never has, and even more sadly, never will.


  1. Or only caring, reponsible people became parents when they were ready to.It's a sad, dysfunctional world out there.

  2. Or parents who report their children missing immediately as opposed to thirty one days later. Unbelievable.

  3. According to court documents Casey Anthony wanted to put Caylee up for adoption, but her mother persuaded her not to.

  4. "Or only caring, reponsible people became parents when they were ready to"

    You do realize about 50% of births are unplanned ones, right? Wouldn't that indicate those 50% births are conceived by "uncaring" and "unresponsible" people?

    "Or parents who report their children missing immediately as opposed to thirty one days later."

    Yeah, I don't get it. How can you NOT know your child is missing, or not care enough to do something about it?

    I mean, hell, why have kids at all if you're so laid back about them?

  5. Mei Ling, she knew her daughter was missing, her not telling anyone about it is what makes it seem like she was involved in her death. She knows what happened to her.

    Anon#2, I also read that she had wanted to give the little girl up for adoption.

  6. This was such a sad story. I followed it for a little while, but at times I just had to step away. I simply cannot understand what goes on in the mind of any parent who mistreats her child, let alone abuse or murder.


  7. This story just broke my heart. I watched the closing arguments and verdict. It doesn't make sense but unfortunately it's our judicial system that failed.


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