To Liz, wherever you may be

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Liz, hi.

I’ve checked back periodically since your reply to me because I got the impression you were struggling with this issue. Perhaps since you haven’t heard back from the owner of this blog you’ll not take offense to me telling you that spanking is not a necessary form of discipline, that in my perception of spirituality and right and wrong a parent who doesn’t spank would most certainly still be “blessed”.

What they would be blessed with is a child that knows they have a parent who would never harm them physically. A child who may get beat up at school, physically or mentally, but survives because they have a safe haven at home and people that they trust. A child who would believe their parent when the parent teaches that hitting is wrong because they’ve set that example.

Isn’t it our responsibility to teach our kids to be good for the sake of being good? To have integrity about how they conduct themselves and treat others? What’s better, a child who chooses to do something right because THEY know that it is as opposed to doing the right thing out of fear of being hit or that God will see them. What happens if they stop believing that God can see all or they become to big or old to be spanked?

What’s the motivation to be a good person?

If a person can choose to do the right thing knowing that nobody will know if they hadn’t, that what’s most important is what they think of themselves. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

I agree our kids should have a healthy fear of their parents, but of disappointing them, not of being hit or screamed at by them.

My son will be twenty next month. He’s never smoked, drank alcohol, or done drugs. He’s an aspiring rock musician studying music in university. He's a kind caring son, boyfriend, grandson. He would never steal, litter, vandalize, or physically harm another living creature.

He’s also never been spanked.

Liz, don’t spank because the church or *****  tell you to. You’re clearly not comfortable with the idea and I for one agree with you.


  1. All spanking does is show that the parent is in charge. It does nothing for the development of conscience.

  2. Spanking teaches a child it is Ok to hit. It is demeaning and degrading. It is nothing less than violence toward children, even when it is done in a "controlled" way, which I doubt it usually is. How can a church promote that??

  3. Yeah. I Just HATE spanking so I had to reply to this comment, and I feel bad for the Liz as she seemed real mixed up about it and the owner hadn't answered her in any obvious way. I don't even know if she reads here, just took a chance. As a post here it looks kind of funny as it was a reply to a comment elsewhere but, oh well.

    Kris, some churches promote all sorts of stuff one would be surprised a church would promote. But spanking is age old in some, isn't it? Spare the rod and all that jazz.


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