It's what we do, not who we are.

Written by my son, for my dad, his grandpa, his partner.

I can still remember the sound
Of the ice cream trucks we chased
Or the hours we spent playing
With the wooden swords you made

I remember playing army men
With nickels and with dimes
And canoeing down the river
Watching water beetles go by

Everybody loved you
That was plain to see
But even in a crowd of friends
You would never forget about me

The years we spent together
Helped make me who I am
I always knew I had a good Grandpa
But now I understand

How important you are to me
And how much your presence meant
I miss you so much Grandpa
But I never will forget

The lessons that you taught me
To be strong and good and kind
To do your best and never give up
And to charm the ladies blind

So now I end this poem
To the best partner a kid could have
I hope you know I'll miss you
But I'll try hard not to be sad

Because the last lesson you've taught me
The most important one so far
Is that you'll never lose the ones you love
Because their memory will live on in our hearts


  1. Wow! What an amazing poem. Did he write this for a memorial service or something? Your son has a lot of talent and your dad sounds like an amazing man.

  2. Yes Kris, he did write this for dad's funeral service. I love the poem and appreciate that I was given permission to publish it here.


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