What a beautiful morning

Just finishing up my wrapping, yes, I still make Christmas stockings for my son, husband and mother. We cheated a little this year on our stockings, my husband and I, and were together while picking out the required toiletry items. I'm ashamed to admit hubby will have no surprises in his stocking this year even though I have a feeling he'll manage to slip a few into mine. Oh well, it's just one of the years when I didn't get anyone a really special, blow 'em away type gift. Sometimes Christmas gifts just go like that, and that's ok.

For me this Christmas will be about being with people I care about, really enjoying each and every one of them. I am very happy with what we're doing tonight and tomorrow and also have an invitation somewhere special on boxing day. After that, my husband and I are taking a vacation, a vacation that will have me by the ocean, one of my favorite places to be. The only thing that could make the trip better would be if my son could join us for part of it but that's just not to be this time.

As I sit here looking at my tree and decorations in the quiet of the morning I think of everyone I care about, those that care about me. I look forward to the visit I will have today with my son. I look forward to the good food and hearty laughs I'll be enjoying over the next few days, and the slow building excitement of taking a trip.

Life is precious and fleeting and I know I'm fortunate to know that. Fortunate to know how important it is to take a bit of time to stop and appreciate the beauty of a poinsettia, the beauty in family and friends, the beauty in life.

Seasons greetings to all and the very best in 2012.


  1. Hope your having a great day with your family. Enjoy the vacation!

  2. It's a beautiful day here in Chicago too! It's dry and sunny. I enjoy reading your blog along with your positive and upbeat attitude. And I thank you for helping me get a better understanding of adoptedness. Merry Christmas and cheers to the New Year!

  3. Seasons greetings to you too Campbell! Very nice post.

    I spent Christmas eve with my brother, nephew and his future wife. My nephew had so much fun with his toys it was a joy to watch him. Tomorrow will be spent will friends.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. I just found your blog and am blown away! Will be reading more in the future I am sure. Happy 2012 full of strength and love and peace to you!


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